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Ordrak is an ancient evil creature that corrupted the Ember beneath the town of Torchlight. He is the final boss in Torchlight. Ordrak does not return in Torchlight II, although he is indirectly involved in the story.[1]


Ordrak is a corrupted dragon, who had acquired a taste for Ember.[1] The Guardian of Mana mentions that he was once a kind of guardian.

In Torchlight[]

Ordrak's name is mentioned when you confront Alric. You can meet Ordrak in his Lair, on floor 35 of the main dungeon. When you confront him, he summons Dragonkin and Enslaved throughout the battle. A few moments after summoning creatures, Ordrak will kill all the creatures he summons, absorbing their lifeforce and restoring his own health. Before Ordrak can be summoned, he needs a sacrifice as Alric said when you confront him on Black Palace, Floor 34.

In Torchlight II[]

Torchlight II begins when the Alchemist, almost insane from his Ember Blight of which he was apparently never cured, steals Ordrak's essence of power and uses it to upset the balance of the six elements.[2]



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