On to Grunnheim! is the quest given by the Guardian of Air when you return to Zeryphesh after defeating the Siege Guardian, rescuing the Guardian of Mana and completing the quest Breaking the Siege. You must speak with the Imperial Railmaster and follow the Alchemist to Grunnheim.

Offer TextEdit

You have done well. The Ezrohir forces at Riftkeep are defeated, and their troops are in retreat. Most importantly, the Guardian of Mana is once again safe.
Let us return to the matter of the Dark Alchemist. He has now stolen the energy of three Guardians, and we thought he desired my power as well. But, for some reason, he has left the desert, and is now en route to Grunnheim.
That can only mean that he is bound for the Clockwork Core. With the power he has amassed, he could destroy the barrier between our world and the realm of the Netherim. They would pour through by the millions.
Seek the Railmaster, and depart for Grunnheim as soon as you are able.


XP: 4400

Follow-Up TextEdit

The Alchemist is nearly within your reach! Hasten at once to Grunnheim!

Quest DisplayEdit

Report in at the Imperial Camp, in Grunnheim

The story so far...
With the Guardian of Mana freed from Ezrohir control, the city of Zeryphesh is safe. The Ezrohir are fleeing back to their hiding places in the deserts. The Zeraphi are safe once again.
But the Alchemist is still on the loose, and now, bolstered with the energy of the Guardians of Water, the Wild, and Mana, he is en route to the dwarven ruins at Grunnheim to put the final step of his mad plan into action.
If the Alchemist reaches the Clockwork Core, and uses the full power of Ordrak's Heart to destroy the ancient barrier between the world and the foul Nether, he will open a floodgate through which the Netherim will pour by the thousands. You are the only one who can stop him!

Completion TextEdit

Well, the transport is all patched up, and we've taken on fuel and supplies. I can have you up to Grunnheim in no time!

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