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The Netherim are a group of demonic creatures that appear in Torchlight II. They are invaders from another plane or dimension who enter the world as a result of the Ember corruption spread by the Alchemist: they show a wide variety of forms and tend to have strange power and alien features like tentacles, insectoid limbs and needle-like teeth, but all of them have purple blood.

They first appear in Act I, mutating and taking over Estherians and the Grand Regent in the Frosted Hills.

The Witch is said to be a cultist transformed by the Netherim.


Notable Weapons that are augmented after killing Netherim:


Infected Estherian[]


Estherians who have been transformed and have tentacles growing out of their mouths.

Nether Plaguebearer[]

Hurls Exploding Disease Nodes and dealing poison damage from Suicide self.

Nether-Thrall Lasher[]

These Nether-Thralls have tentacle arms that can attack at longer range.

Nether Nemesis[]

A large, hulking monster that uses a smash attack.


Casts nether bolts and calls nether slugs from the bodies of fallen cultists.


Netherim Pustule[]

Hatches Netherling Larva.

Netherling Larva[]

Small, Swarm-like creatures that turn into Netherlings.


Small, Slug and Octopus-like creatures that drain mana.

Netherim Tentacle[]

Netherim Swarmer[]

A Very fast-moving tentacled Netherim that uses a glaive-like weapon. Leap Back. Flees When Allies Perish.

Netherim Slasher[]

A fast-moving tentacled Netherim that uses a glaive-like weapon.

Netherim Spinethrower[]

Glaive throwing creatures that slightly resemble the Nethelord. They are slightly larger than players.

Netherim Brute[]

Netherim Warrior[]

Uses a Netherim Sword.

Netherim Spellbreaker[]

Naga-like Mage Type Netherim. Use Summon Netherling, Teleport.

Netherim Mauler[]

Uses a Netherim Greathammer.

Netherim Widemar[]





Named Nether Brute.


King of Netherim. Final Boss of Torchlight 2.


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