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Necklaces are Enchanted (& Enchantable) accessories equippable by the Player and his/her pet, each can equip 1 necklace each. Similar to Rings (T1).

There are 3 types of Necklaces in Torchlight; Magic (GREEN), Magic rare (BLUE) and Unique/Set (YELLOW/PURPLE). There are also different grades of Necklaces.

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Magic and Magic Rare Necklaces[]

These necklace are randomly enchanted and found on defeated monsters as Unidentified Necklaces, they are also found in Triya's Gem shop in town. Can be found with sockets or enchanted in town for sockets to appear.

Unique Necklaces[]

Like a majority other unique items, the stats are all predetermined and the same if multiple copies are acquired. Found on defeated monsters (Mostly Bosses) as Mysterious Necklace, and rarely in Triya's Gem Shop. Always found with 1 socket.

  • Black Fist Badge of Honor
  • Blank's Teeth Necklace
  • Blessed Broach of Bremer
  • Bling
  • Bolem's Craft Token
  • Brom's Honor Badge
  • Dream Catcher
  • Farkstone Amulet
  • Farkstone God
  • Firefriend Bauble
  • Fisherman's Friend
  • Freman's Finest
  • Gobbler Tooth Charm
  • Justice Foretold
  • Leone's Star
  • Magnus' Labyrinthine Amulet
  • Midas Chain
  • Morlok's Crazed Insignia
  • Sadostone
  • Scooter's Luckstone
  • The Hagglestone Pendant
  • The Uhl Noir Jewel
  • Tlaloc's Linchpin
  • Trollkiller Pendant
  • Twyla's Fire Pendant
  • Twyla's Ice Pendant
  • Twyla's Lightning Pendant
  • Undying Broach
  • Zerostone Charm

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