This article is about Mycons in Torchlight II. For the Ember Mycon from Torchlight I, see: Strider

Mycons are a race of fungus creatures in Torchlight II. They are primarily found in the Rotted Path and Fungal Caves in Grunnheim. Mycons have a tendency to emerge from underground, disguising themselves as harmless mushrooms until an enemy comes near.

Trivia: Mycons are a reference to a fungal space faring race from Star Control II


Notable Weapons that are augmented after killing Mycons:


Name Image Element Abilities Location
Myconite Myconite1 Icon enemyPoison
  • Leaps Out Of Danger
  • Flees When Allies Perish
Rotted Path, Fungal Caves
Mycon Pygmy Mycon Pygmy1 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Detonates And Spawns New Mycons
Rotted Path, Fungal Caves
Luna Mycon Lunamycon2 Icon enemyPoison
  • Mana Drain Ring
  • Summons Myconites
Fungal Caves
Mycon Brute MyconBrute1 Icon enemyPoison
  • Poison Smash Attack
  • Marsh Gas Cloud
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Rotted Path, Fungal Caves
Deathcap Deathcap01 Icon enemyPoison
  • Swampfire Bolts
  • Burning Barrage
Rotted Path, Fungal Caves
Fungal Spore Fungal Spores01 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Seeking Poison Bolts On Explosion
Rotted Path, Fungal Caves, Blightbogs, Middenmine
Fungal Vent Fungal Vent 01 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Emits Fungal Spores
Rotted Path, Middenmine
Boletus Rex


B Rex 02 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Spore Burst
  • Poison Smash Attack
  • Marsh Gas Cloud
Fungal Caves
  • Mycon Brute has 100% Resistance to Interrupt, Pull, Flee, and 95% Resistance to Knockback.
  • Deathcap has a 5% Critical Chance


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