The cave-like dungeon Middenmine is the only place where Troglodytes can be found.

The second level of this dungeon is called The Scrapworks, where broken dwarven constructions are found scattered throughout the place.

Completing the Middenmine resets the Abandoned Sawmill and Rotting Crypt in the Blightbogs.



Species Name El. Abilities
Troglodyte Trog Hurler Icon enemyPhysical Vomit Attack, Flees When Allies Perish
Troglodyte Grot Icon enemyPhysical Long Reach, Spear Throw
Trog Cerebrite Icon enemyPhysical Resurrects Trogs, Enrages Trogs
Mycon Fungal Spore Icon enemyPhysical Seeking Poison Bolts On Explosion
Fungal Vent Icon enemyPhysical Emits Fungal Spores
Gel Tar Slime Icon enemyPoison Hurls Sticky Tar Glolubes
Noxious Gel Icon enemyPoison Hurls Slime Balls
Noxious Mass Icon enemyPoison Generates Noxious Gels
Troll Rock Troll Icon enemyPhysical Boulder Smash, Axe Pull, Leap Attack, Cannot be Interrupted
Zombie Vile Gnasher Icon enemyPhysical Creates Vile Gnashers From Corpses
Armored Bog Shambler Icon enemyPoison Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Gaseous Shambler Icon enemyPoison Explodes When Near
Waterlogged Corpse Icon enemyPhysical
Bat Swampwing Icon enemyPhysical Paralyzing Screech
Unknown Mimic Icon enemyFire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks


Name El. Abilities
Bloatfang Icon enemyPoison Rush Attack, Vomit Attack, Leap Smash, Boulder Toss, Consumes Corpses

Easter Egg Edit

After defeating Bloatfang, from the Boss Chest area, there is a secret path at the bottom left leading to Claptrap.

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