This article is about the Mechanical Constructs from Torchlight I. For other dwarven constructs, see Dwarven Automata.

Each Mechanical Construct is piloted by an Ezrohir and angry undead dwarf carrying a wrench. It fires bursts of ricocheting bullets from its chaingun and is resistant to poison and fire. Mechanical Constructs often emerge from hidden doors to ambush unwary explorers.


Notable Weapons that are augmented after Destroy Mechanical Construct:


Ezrohir MachinesEdit

Ezrohir BruteEdit

Shrapnel ScarabEdit

Slaughter ScarabEdit

Ezrohir Automated TurretEdit

Ezrohir Shock TurretEdit

Ezrohir Mobile SpawnerEdit

Ezrohir Shock CopterEdit

Ezrohir Mobile SentryEdit

Ezrohir Manatoxin PumpEdit

Ezrohir Siege TurretEdit

Dwarven AutomataEdit

Rusted MechanoidEdit

Dwarven MechanoidEdit

Dwarven Battle TurretEdit

War TitanEdit


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