The Mapworks allows players the ability to buy random generated maps, with varying degrees of difficulty, to adventure through and find more rare treasures. Maps can also have modifiers such as double damage or double gold. This is an alternative form of adventuring from New Game Plus .

Accessing MapworksEdit


Mapworks Room


Purchasing a Map

  1. Defeat the Netherlord on any difficulty setting.
  2. Return to Minehead.
  3. Talk to the Automaton.
  4. Portal opens, giving you access to the Mapworks.
  5. Talk to Compass the Map Seller.
  6. Purchase a Map.
  7. Access the Map Selector.
  8. Select Map, and enjoy the hunt!


There are several NPCs waiting to serve your needs.


Compass the Map Seller offers randomly generated dungeon maps. These maps come in five different dungeon types, along with varying level ranges, enemy types, boss types, and conditions. The format for every dungeon consists of the player descending down two floors, then onto boss floor at the bottom.

Level RangesEdit

  • L48-55
  • L56-65
  • L66-75
  • L76-85
  • L86-95
  • L96-100
  • L105

Dungeon TypesEdit

Map ezrohirTreasure Map frosthornCaverns Map infectedDepths Map infernoMausoleum Map wyvernStronghold
Deserted Foundry Abyssal Fissure Blighted Hollow Bloody Boneyard Dragon Citadel
Deserted Labs

Abyssal Grotto

Blighted Retreat Bloody Crypt Dragon Keep
Deserted Workshop Abyssal Pit Blighted Sanctum Bloody Mortuary Dragon Stronghold
Ezohir Commons Frostbitten Chasm Desolate Chantry Bloody Vault Dragon Bastion
Ezrohir Halls Frostshorn Caverns Desolate Sanctuary Cursed Mausoleum Wyvern Stronghold
Ezrohir Treasure Frostshorn Ravine Desolate Shrine Defired Burrow Wyvern Citadel
Forgotten Factory Shadowy Caves Desolate Temple Defiled Cemetery
Ransacked Vault Shadowy Grotto Infected Depths Desecrated Burrow
Forgotten Labs Frostbitten Ravine Ruined Temple Desecrated Graves
Frostshorn Breach Ghastly Mortuary
Infernal Catacombs
Infernal Mausoleum
Infernal Necropolis
Infernal Tombs

Enemies FoundEdit

Map ezrohirTreasure

Deserted Foundry

Map ezrohirTreasure

Ezrohir Treasury

Map frosthornCaverns

Frosthorn Breech

Map frosthornCaverns

Abyssal Fissure

Map infectedDepths

Desolate Chantry

Map infernoMausoleum

Infernal Necropolis

Map infernoMausoleum

Desecrated Sepulchre

Map wyvernStronghold

Dragon Bastion


The randomly generated maps have a chance to have many, few, or empty of conditions combinations. Below are a list of the different types of conditions available for Players and Pets and Monsters.

Players and Pets Monsters
  • 5% increase in the amount of experienced gained
  • 25% increase in the amount of gold found
  • 10% increase in magic-finding Luck
  • Cast Speed reduced by 50%
  • Attack Speed reduced by 50%
  • +200% to All Damage
  • +15% to Electric Damage
  • +15% to Ice Damage
  • +15% to Fire Damage
  • 5% chance to cast Call Forth the Skull on kill
  • 25% Health Stolen
  • -25% to skill mana cost
  • Movement Speed reduced by 15%
  • All Damage reduced by 15%
  • Physical Damage Taken is reduced by 15%
  • +10% Cast Speed
  • +10% Attack Speed
  • 15% chance to cast Poison Cloud on death
  • 100% chance to teleport target 6-10 yards away
  • 100% chance to cast Haunt on death
  • 200% chance to cast Random Teleport when you get hit
  • 20% chance to Burn for 4 seconds
  • +15% to Electric Damage
  • +15% to Poison Damage
  • +10% to All Damage
  • 25% Health stolen


For the maps, like the enemy types, the bosses are randomly selected for the map. All the bosses are the same bosses as in the single player mode with slight modifications.

Name Original Boss Element Abilities
Ancient Guardian Fallen Guardian Icon bossPhysical
  • Elite Undead
  • Casts Spectral Blades
Collossal Rock Troll King Pogg Icon bossPhysical
  • Boulder Smash
  • Axe Pull
  • Leap Attack
  • Walls Victims
Ezrohir Ascendant Artificer Icon bossLightning
  • Ezrohir Architect
  • Claw Grab
  • Beam Attack
  • Seeking Bolts
  • Shock Attack
Firedrake Vyrax Icon bossPhysical
  • Flame Jets
  • Leap Attack
  • Tail Swipe
  • Dive Smash
  • Wing Attack
General Gnash General Grell Icon bossPhysical
  • Sturmbeorn General
  • Unleashes a Barrage of Explosive Ordinance
Manticore Manticore Icon bossPhysical
  • Ancient Beast
  • Wing Buffet
  • Ground Slam
Manticore's Mate Manticore's Mate Icon bossPhysical
  • Ancient Beast
  • Rock Shards
  • Sandstorm
Masked Jester The King in Masks Icon bossPhysical
  • Only one Jester is vulnerable at a time
Spectral Dragon Thiss Icon bossPhysical
  • Acid Breath
  • Bone Cage
  • Bone Spikes
  • Smash Attack
Wraith Wraith Lord Icon bossLightning
  • Spectral Weapon
  • Powerful Spells
  • Teleportation
  • Raises Ancient Skeletons

Boss GalleryEdit

Torchlight II locations

Act I: Estherian Steppes
Town: Estherian Enclave

Temple SteppesFrosted Hills
Passes: Echo PassPath of the Honored DeadCrows' Pass
Dungeons: Corrupted CryptBone GalleryPlunder CoveWellspring TempleWidow's VeilSlavers' StockadeWhispering CaveEmberscratch MinesIcedeep CavernsNorsk LeirenWatchweald Temple

Act II: Mana Wastes
Town: Zeryphesh

Ossean WastesSalt Barrens
Passes: Empty Quarter
Dungeons: Tarroch's TombTarroch's RiftTower of the MoonShadowy CrevasseStygian AerieForsaken VaultsUndercurrentsSwarm PointBrood HiveKorari CaveLuminous ArenaHaunted QuarterWitherwaysAncient Vaults of ChaosVault of Souls

Act III: Grunnheim
Town: Imperial Camp

BlightbogsSundered Battlefield
Passes: Rotted PathRivenskull Gorge
Dungeons: Fungal CavesAbandoned SawmillRotting CryptMiddenmineArena of SlaughterReeking CellarEmberworksVyrax's TowerForgotten HallsLair of the SistersNotch's Mine

Act IV
Town: Minehead

Dungeon: Broken Mines