Little Lost Ones is an Act I side quest assigned by the Estherian Bellethe in the Crows' Pass. The objective is to enter the Widow's Veil, defeat a mighty spider known as the Winter Widow, and talk to her husband, Finnas, at the end of the dungeon, then return to her.

Offer Text[edit | edit source]

Please, help me! Our dear little ones wandered into that cave! My husband Finnas ventured after them, but it is crawling with nasty creatures, and he hasn't returned!

Oh, I'm beside myself with worry! Please, find Finnas and our precious babies! You have to help us!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

NG Level Gold XP Fame Reward Choices
Normal 743 220 1035* Leveled Loot
NG +1 2548 710 3195*
NG +2 ? ? ?
NG +3 ? ? ?
  • *This fame is awarded by Finnas

Followup Text[edit | edit source]

My husband Finnas and I were on our way to the Estherian Enclave. We're homesteaders, with a small farm in the Frosted Hills. The weather is getting harsh, so were making one last run for supplies before winter. We only looked away for a moment, and our little darlings wandered into that nasty cave!

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Enter the Widow's Veil after speaking to Bellethe. Once in the dungeon, defeat the spiders and ice slimes along the way. Don't forget to light every "Unlit Braziers" to open the secret room and collect a part for the quest Robot Parts at the end of the dungeon.

Once at the end of the dungeon, defeat the Winter Widow to rescue Finnas. Before taking the portal, be sure to go through the mine shaft next to Finnas to ocllect the Robot Part - if this door is closed then backtrack through the cave to light every brazier. After taking the portal, speak with Bellethe to finish the quest.

Finnas' Text[edit | edit source]

You ... you came to rescue us? Thank the guardians!

I've managed to keep Snowbell and Sunbeam safe up here, but I injured my leg. I can't make my way out of this cave while carrying them. If you'll take them to Bellethe, I'll follow you out at my own pace. My thanks to you for your help!

Completed Text[edit | edit source]

Oh, my babies! Are you hurt? Are you all right? Thank the Guardians my precious darlings are safe! Where's Finnas? Where's my husband?

Ah, I see. We'll wait here for him until he returns.

Thank you so much - many don't understand the beauty of these special creatures ... it's obvious that you recognize their gentle natures. Here, take this as a token of our gratitude!

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