Torchlight Wiki

Torchlight has two major playable dungeons and several minor dungeons currently in-game. The main dungeon is unlocked from the start of the game on every character. The secondary dungeon, the Shadow Vault, is unlocked for all characters by defeating Ordrak on any difficulty on any character. The minor dungeons are opened during side quests, or by clicking on level specific maps bought from Triya in town.

Main Dungeon[]

The main dungeon consists of 35 floors with defined monster sets whose levels do not scale with the player's. The main dungeon consists of eight locales, split amongst the 35 floors:

  1. Orden Mines, Floors 1 – 4
  2. Necropolis, Floors 5 – 8
  3. Estherian Ruins, Floors 9 – 16
  4. Tu'Tara Caverns, Floors 17 – 20
  5. Molten Prison, Floors 21 – 24
  6. Lost Fortress, Floors 25 – 29
  7. Black Palace, Floors 30 – 34
  8. Lair, Floor 35

Shadow Vault[]

The Shadow Vault is a randomised dungeon, unlocked by defeating Ordrak on any difficulty on any character. The dungeon floors are limitless and randomised to use all locales and monsters. The monsters in this dungeon scale on all floors, providing a more difficult experience for the player, while rewarding them with the best loot and experience. The Shadow Vault has two main questlines provided by NPCs outside of the dungeon. The dungeon is located in the crypt at the southern central tip of town.

Minor Dungeons[]

Minor dungeons contain one to three levels randomly generated from one of the main dungeon themes. Minor dungeons may or may not connect to the main dungeon. Town portal gates cannot be cast in minor dungeons.

Sources of Minor Dungeons[]

  1. Quest "Through the Portal"; talk to Hatch in town and he will open up a portal to a minor dungeon. Monster levels are bases on the sequence of the quest progress.
  2. Killing a Phase Beast: these monsters randomly spawn in the main dungeon. Killing one opens up a town portal type warp point to a minor dungeon. Phase beast dungeons are level synchronised to the starting location.
  3. Maps: purchased in town or found. Right clicking a map opens a portal to a mini dungeon. Each map has a level such as 1-10, 10-20, or 20-?? that matches the dungeon difficulty.

List of minor dungeons[]

  • Crypt of the Chronicler -- Necropolis theme
  • Forgotten Catacombs -- Necropolis theme
  • Detached Estheria -- Estherian swamp theme
  • Palace Rim -- Black Palace theme
  • Secret Mines -- Orden Mine theme
  • Lair of the Sisters -- Necropolis theme