Lair of the Manticore is the second main quest in Act II. It is assigned by Sphinx in the Ossean Wastes. In this quest you must journey to the Stygian Aerie and slay the Manticore.

Previous quest: The Eve of War
Next quest: Artifice of Evil

Offer Text[edit | edit source]

My ancient charge, to guard the gate.
The desert sands to contemplate.
In Stygian realm lurks beast of yore.
Part drake, part lion: Manticore.
Lay its skin before my eyes.
And passage through shall be your prize.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Gold: 0     XP: 3400     Fame: 0     Item: No

Followup Text[edit | edit source]

Forge of darkness, deep below.
Chains are wrought and bellows blow.
Queen of Mana trapped, restrained.
Magic stolen, power drained.
Ezrohir make plans of war.
Captured Queen is at the fore.

Quest Display[edit | edit source]

Defeat the Manticore in the Stygian Aerie.

The story so far..

If you understood the enigmatic Sphinx correctly, the Guardian of Mana was captured by the Ezrohir and taken into the Forsaken Vaults for some nefarious purpose. The Guardian is clearly in danger ... but the Sphinx will not open the Forsaken Gate until you slay her most hated enemy: a Manticore that lurks in a cave in the Ossean Wastes.

Completed Text[edit | edit source]

Your valor proved; the way is clear.
The forge, the Queen ... the end is near.

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