Items in Torchlight II come in many different categories and levels of quality.

Potions Edit

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Potions can be used in Torchlight II to either regain health or mana, or to increase statistics.

Scrolls Edit

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There are two common scrolls: Identify Scrolls and Town Portal scrolls.

Gold Edit

Gold is dropped from most monsters and is used as the basic currency of the game. Gold is used to buy potions, scrolls, weapons, armor, enchantments, etc.

Weapons Edit



Armor Edit

Armor items determine the base defence of your character and the amount of damage that you can receive from enemy creatures.

The better your armor item's rating, the less damage you take from creatures.

There are 7 different types of armor and 3 types of trinkets:

Trinkets generally convey one or more elemental resistances.


Main article: Sets (T2)

Set items range from rare sets, unique sets, class specific sets and unique class specific sets. Items are divided into six main tiers, which are then divided into three smaller tiers. There are individual sets, rares and uniques for each of these tiers. In addition to these, there exist common sets of items ranging from white to blue which do not have a set bonus, but all armor pieces do match each other. A few examples of such are the Rawhide, Desert, and Leather armor sets.

Pet equipment Edit

Pets can wear one collar and up to two tags. These pet-specific items are often obtained from fishing.

Gems Edit

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Gems are items that can be placed into sockets on weapons and armor to add enchantments.

Spells Edit

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Spells (not to be confused with class skills) are abilities learned from scrolls and can be used by players of any class. Pets may also be taught up to four spells.

Fish Edit

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Fish can be caught by the player from fishing holes that can be found in random areas of the game, and a preset fishing hole can be found in town. Fish are caught by interacting with the fishing hole and playing a mini-game.

The main use for fish in Torchlight is to transform your pet into different types of creatures to give it different abilities and/or change its appearance.

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