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Ignite Braziers in Order is a Phase Beast Challenge encountered in Frosted Hills. Light four braziers in the correct order while fighting an assortment of Netherim enemies. Face Warbeasts when messing up the order of ignition.

Lighting a brazier in the correct order will raise the statue behind it and has a blue-shining symbol appear on one of four posts ringing the area's center platform. Failing to pick the right brazier results in all previously-lit ones resetting (but the order to ignite them in remains unchanged).

Scattered gold, as well as three chests (one medium, two small) await as a reward.


Corresponding to the progress of successfully ignited braziers, more and more different Netherim teleport in from the gazebo-type structures encircling the area (a Nether Brute (Champion) appears on the center platform in the end):

Lit Braziers Netherim
0 Nether-Thrall
1 Nether-Thrall Lasher
2 Nethermancer
Netherim Nemesis
3 Nether Plaguebearer
(spawn from Nether Plaguebearer)
4 Nether Brute (Champion)
(can drop The Eye of Prion-Kuru)

Choosing the wrong brazier sees Warbeasts emerging from small caves at the edge of this arena.


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