The Icedeep Caverns are a two-floor dungeon in Act I of Torchlight II, located in the Frosted Hills.

The large Ember Crystals occasionally leave ember pieces when smashed. The second floor contains three Alchemist's Note tables for the sidequest Taking Notes. The boss Chillhoof is holding the Master Key, which is needed to open his Forgotten Chest.


Species Name El. Abilities
Mirka Mirka Slasher Icon enemyIce Frost Breath Attack
Hulking Slasher Icon enemyIce Extra Tough, Charging Attack Reflects Missiles
Mirka Frostbinder Icon enemyIce Ice Magic Attacks
Mirka Healer Icon enemyIce
Clovenhoof Icon enemyIce Dash Attack, Stomp Attack
Goblin Goblin Archer Icon enemyIce Flees When Allies Perish
Gel Ice Gel Icon enemyIce Ice Spike Attack, Very Resistant to Ice Attacks
King Ice Gel* Icon enemyIce Ice Spike Attack, Heals Self, Kill With Fire!
Animal Frost Screecher Icon enemyIce Ice Attacks, Very Fast
Frost Screecher Alpha Icon enemyIce Calls Frost Screecher Swarms
Snowfang Icon enemyIce Bite Inflicts Bleeding Wounds
Ghost Bleak Spirit* Icon enemyPoison Slows Foes, Life Steal
Unknown Mimic* Icon enemyFire Lies In Wait, Resists Elemental Attacks

 * does not always appear


  • (Ice Elemental) Icon enemyIce Powerful Ice Attacks, Freezing Blast on Death
  • (Clovenhoof) Icon enemyIce


Chillhoof Icon enemyIce Elite Beast, Dash Attack, Stomp Attack, Ice Shards - Drops Master Key

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