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Grand Regent Eldrayn is the leader of the Estherians in the Estherian Enclave. Later, he becomes the final boss of Act I of Torchlight II.


The Grand Regent begins as the leader of the Estherian Enclave. He greets the player character and discusses defending the town against the Alchemist. He asks them to protect the Guardian of Water at the Wellspring Temple.

After the player returns from defeating General Grell in the Wellspring Temple, the Grand Regent has left town to investigate the Watchweald Temple in the Frosted Hills. However, it's discovered that the Regent was corrupted by Ordrak's Heart during his encounter with the Alchemist. This illness opens up a conduit to a Nether-Beast, a powerful Netherim being who takes control of his body. The Nether-Beast begin mutating and taking over the Watchweald Temple and the Guardian of the Wild who resides there. The player must fight their way inside and defeat the Grand Regent in order to free the Guardian.



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