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Goldenrod is an NPC in Torchlight that only appears after you defeat Ordrak. Her sole duty consists of retiring your character and assigning an "heirloom" item from your inventory. This unique item will be improved by her and inherited by your player's descendant. Proceed with caution when approaching her, as your current character will become unplayable (and deleted) once you click on Goldenrod for a second time!

Just to be sure, it is recommended you backup your game saves before you visit Goldenrod.

Tips about retiring a character[]

  • Make sure you have backed-up your game files.
  • Make sure all the items you want to keep are on the shared stash.
  • Items in your own stash will be wiped out as soon as you delete your character. Use the shared stash to migrate any items you want to keep.
  • Select just the right item you want to make into a heirloom.
  • With the descendant character, you can place the heirloom item in the shared stash, and it will be available to any of your other current characters.
  • Any gold that your current character is holding will disappear completely once you retire him/her. So, many users have decided to buy the gambling shop away (and earn those achievements) then; any items worth keeping should go to the shared stash.

Benefits of retiring a character[]

  • The heirloom item will have your hero's name embedded to it.
  • The heirloom item will be highly improved by Goldenrod.
  • The requirements of the item will be decreased but it will likely take some time to own up to it.
  • Item can be placed in shared stash, making it available for any of your other characters.
  • Your descendent character will have added fame and 1 more skill point (for your skills tree) to spend at the beginning of the game. (5 points extras is the cap, if you do retirement more times with the same caracter.)
  • Your retired character can be seen in the "load" screen with the "Retired" word next to it. You can not play with this character, but he/she will always be remembered!
  • There are some Steam achievements that can be unlocked by retiring characters:





Passing the Torch

Retire a character


Noble Lineage

Retire two characters


Line of Kings

Retire over 300 levels worth of characters

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