Goblins are a common enemy in Torchlight, Torchlight II, and Torchlight III. They are small humanoid creatures with varying skin colors and appearances.


Notable Weapons that are augmented after killing Goblins:

In TorchlightEdit

In Torchlight goblins had inhabited the ruins of Molten Prison, apparently co-existing with Krag, a giant Troll at the bottom of the prison stronghold.

Molten PrisonEdit

  • Goblin Warrior - These red Goblins have weapons and armor.
  • Goblin Hunter - This green Goblin comes equipped with a bow and fires exploding arrows.
  • Goblin Healer (aka Chanter or Shaman) - This magic-using blue Goblin casts fireballs and can use healing spells on his comrades.
  • Goblin Boomer - Crazed goblins with explode on contact. Fortunately, there is slight delay as they "warm up," giving time to move out of the blast radius.
  • Goblin hound - Goblin pets with a dash attack

Grave DiggersEdit

Additionally, Grave Diggers appear in the Necropolis. They are believed to be goblins, although they do not appear near their brethren.

  • Goblin Grave Diggers - Goblin Grave Diggers are green creatures who carry large candles on their backs. Equipped with a shovel, they dig up skeletons to aid them.

Stabber Pygmy


Although they are not referred to directly as goblins, the pygmies encountered in the Estherian Ruins are named "goblins" in the game's files, and their physical resemblance is obvious.

  • Stabber Pygmy - attacks with a polearm
  • Chanter Pygmy - resurrects Pygmies and casts fireballs

In Torchlight IIEdit

Goblins concept

T2 goblin and Warbeast concept art

New goblins and goblin hounds appear in concept art for Torchlight II.

Name Image Element Abilities
Goblin Demolitionist Ss goblinDemolitionist1 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Hurls Explosive Charges
Goblin Slasher Icon goblinSlasher1 Icon enemyIce
  • Shield Blocks Damage
Goblin Spellbinder Ss goblinSpellbinder1 Icon enemyIce
  • Resurrects Goblins
  • Cast Goblin Totems
Goblin Warden Ss goblinWarden1 Icon enemyIce
  • Ice Arrow Attacks
Goblin Worker Ss goblinWorker1 Icon enemyIce
  • Flees When Allies Perish

In Torchlight IIIEdit

Goblins appear in Torchlight Frontiers as diurnal enemies.[1]

Name Image Element Abilities
Voracious Goblin
Goblin Warrior
Goblin Warrior


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