Ghosts are an incorporeal type of undead appearing in various places in Torchlight II. They usually accompany other undead, such as Skeletons or Zombies.

In Torchlight IIEdit

Name Image Element Abilities Location Remarks
Shroudwing Shroudwing Teleports Icon enemyPhysical
  • Teleports
Corrupted Crypt A ghostly bat.
Estherian Shade Estherian Shade 00 Icon enemyElectric
  • Summons Shadewwisps
  • Teleports
Wellspring Temple
Estherian Shadewisp Estherian Shadewisp 01 Icon enemyFire
  • Fires Rebounding Energy Projectiles
Wellspring Temple, Watchweald Temple Also found occasionally when breaking urns
Bleak Spirit Bleak Spirit 01 Icon enemyPoison
  • Slows Foes
  • Lifesteal
Plunder Cove, also found haunting a 'ghostly' chest in many locations Will spawn in a group of 2-5 when found haunting a 'ghostly' chest
Mana Spectre Mana Spectre 01 Icon enemyPoison
  • Summons Mana Wisps
  • Mana Storm
Tarroch's Rift
Sand Spectre Sand Spectre 01 Icon enemyPoison
  • Casts Insect Plagues
Tower of the Moon, Empty Quarter, Salt Barrens Can cast a couple of earth-based spells
Corpsefire Warrior Corpsefire Warrior 01 Icon enemyFire
  • Knockback Immune
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Blightbogs, Abandoned Sawmill,
Corpsefire Huntsman Corpsefire Huntsman Icon enemyFire
  • Corpsefire Arrows
  • Knockback Immune
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Blightbogs, Reeking Cellar, Abandoned Sawmill, Sundered Battlefield
Headless Axeman Headless Axeman 01 Icon enemyPhysical
  • Hurls Woodaxes
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Blightbogs, Reeking Cellar, Abandoned Sawmill, Rivenskull Gorge

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