Gorn and Furl are socket experts able to destroy weapons to uncover gems inside, or destroy gems in weapons to free the sockets up.

In TorchlightEdit

They appear near Vasman, the Horse and Duros the Blade after entering a dungeon and will be there upon returning. They do not charge any money for their services.

In Torchlight IIEdit

They are also available in Torchlight II after completing the Protect the Guardian! quest. Once you've killed General Grell, and talk to Commander Vale (the Vanquisher from Torchlight) afterwards; will ask you to meet her at the Enclave. Once you return to the Estherian Enclave, Gorn and Furl will be waiting to the right of Thaymor (the Skill Respec), Dywe and Relan, near the Fishing Hole.

Once the player continues for Zeryphesh, the two will offer their services there, on a terrace near the Imperial Railmaster.

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