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Fungal Caves is a dungeon that consists of two levels, and inhabited by mostly poison element monsters.

The quest The Blue Boletus will bring the player to this location, where the quest item Blue Boletus Flesh can be obtained after defeating the boss monster Boletus Rex.


Species Name El. Abilities
Mycon Myconite Poison Leaps Out Of Danger, Flees When Allies Perish
Mycon Pygmy Physical Detonates And Spawns New Mycons
Luna Mycon Poison Mana Drain Ring, Summons Myconites
Mycon Brute Poison Poison Smash Attack, Marsh Gas Cloud, Cannot be Interrupted
Fungal Spore Physical Seeking Poison Bolts On Explosion
Deathcap Poison Swampfire Bolts, Burning Barrage
Gel Tar Slime Poison Hurls Sticky Tar Glolubes
Roach Roach Myrmidon Physical Hovering Spit Attack, Untargetable While Hovering


Name El. Abilities
Boletus Rex Physical Spore Burst, Poison Smash Attack, Marsh Gas Cloud

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