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The Frosted Hills is a location in Torchlight II. It is the second of two large overworld areas in the Estherian Steppes. It is a snowy region to the north of the Estherian Enclave, accessed by passing through Crows' Pass.

Landmarks and points of interest[edit | edit source]

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Main quest dungeons:

Side dungeons:


NPC's[edit | edit source]

  • Captured Estherian (x2) - provide enchanted item reward and about 300 Fame once Blackfist captors are killed
  • Lord Taldimut the Zeraphi Ambassador - The Zeraphi Envoy, The Lost Key
  • Zeraphi Bodyguard - enchanted item reward and 375 Fame
  • Jadok the Way-Warden - Taking Notes
  • Vanquisher Commando and Injured Commando - Provide hints on attacking the Slaver's Camp
  • Vanquisher Guard

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Species Name El. Abilities
Mirka Mirka Slasher Ice Frost Breath Attack
Hulking Slasher Ice Extra Tough, Charging Attack Reflects Missiles
Mirka Frostbinder Ice Ice Magic Attacks
Goblin Goblin Worker Ice Flees When Allies Perish
Goblin Archer Ice Flees When Allies Perish
Goblin Warden Ice Ice Arrow Attacks
Goblin Slasher Ice Shield Blocks Damage
Goblin Spellbinder Ice Resurrects Goblins, Casts Goblin Totems
Animal Snowfang Ice Bite Inflicts Bleeding Wounds
Diseased Snowfang Poison Poisonous Bite
Phase Beast Lightning Opens Phase Portal When Killed
Human Blackfist Brigand Physical Shield Blocks Damage
Blackfist Assassin Physical Shadow Dash
Blackfist Marksman Physical
Infected Estherian Nether-Thrall Poison
Nethermancer Poison Shadow Bolt, Calls Netherim Slugs From Fallen Cultists
Nether Plaguebearer Poison Hurls Exploding Disease Nodes
Netherim Netherling Lightning Drains Mana
Skeleton Skeleton Physical Undead, Fast
Skeletal Archer* Physical Undead
Skeletal Slayer* Physical Undead, Shield Blocks Damage
Skeletal Mage* Lightning Undead, Casts Lightning Spells
Zombie Noxious Shambler* Poison Releases Poison Gas When Killed
Vile Gnasher* Physical Creates Vile Gnashers From Corpses
Unknown Cursed Sword* Poison  
Bittersprite Physical Drops Golden Key

Champions[edit | edit source]

  • Champion Undead* Poison Undead
  • (Ice Elemental) Ice Powerful Ice Attacks, Freezing Blast on Death
  • (Ice Elemental) Ice Powerful Ice Attacks, Freezing Blast on Death
  • (Goblin Slasher) Physical (Haunted)

From Sacrificed Estherian[edit | edit source]

  • Prion-Kuru (Named Nether-Brute) Physical Knockback Kick, Ground Smash, Teleportation

 * appears only with specific map feature

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