The Forsaken Vaults is a dungeon in Act 2 of Torchlight II. Its entry point is located in the Ossean Wastes, guarded by the Sphinx. To gain access to the Forsaken Vaults for the first time, you must defeat the Manticore in the Stygian Aerie. There is a Waypoint Portal outside of the entrance for easy travel back to Zeryphesh.


The Forsaken Vaults appear to be ruins of Dwarven origin, populated largely by Dwarven Automata and Ezrohir. There are also many mechanical parts and traps which can inflict up to 25% damage. There are two "normal" floors, followed by the boss floor, home of the Artificer, who must be defeated to complete the Artifice of Evil quest. Levers on the ground can raise platforms to give access to Secret Rooms.

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