The Forgotten Halls are a dungeon in Act III of Torchlight II, located in the Sundered Battlefield.

- The firebreathing traps can only be turned off by a lever on the other side of them. Fire resistance can make it safer to cross, as can any dashing or backward leaping attack.

- The sunken lever on the 2nd floor is raised with a pressure plate to the near south of it.

- A secret room to the north can be opened by stepping on the pressure plate in front of the altar.

-Sometimes a pile of rocks can be found, that when clicked, will open a secret room. The chest within may contain a trap, be wary. 

- Like the rocks mentioned above - a skeleton can sometimes be clicked to open a similar small secret room with a single chest in it. 


Species Name El. Abilities
Varkolyn Varkolyn Whelpling Icon enemyPhysical Flees When Allies Perish, Leaps Back
Varkolyn Hunter Icon enemyPhysical Leaping Stab Attack, Leaps Back
Varkolyn Brute Icon enemyPhysical Knockback, Leaps Back
Varkolyn Hurler Icon enemyPhysical Flees When Allies Perish, Hurls Explosives, Leaps Back
Varkolyn Warlock Icon enemyPoison Shadow Bolts, Shadow Burst, Resurrects Varkolyn, Teleports, Slow Beam
Spectral Dragon Spectral Brute Icon enemyPoison Dash Attack, Cannot be Interrupted
Spectral Dragonkin Icon enemyElectric Bone Spikes, Spiny Blast
Gargoyle Forest Gargoyle Icon enemyPhysical Dash Attack, Ground Slam, Cannot be Interrupted, Missile Reflection
Gel Noxious Gel Icon enemyPoison Hurls Slime Balls

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