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The Forge

The Forge is a playable class in Torchlight III.


The Forge is a quadrupedal robot. Its central torso includes an equipment slot for an imbedded cannon. It furthermore has equipment slots for a hatch, Locomotion, gloves, shields and traditional weapons (besides melee weapons, the Forge can also equip magic staffs). As the Forge is a robot, there are no genders to choose from during character creation.

The Forge's mana meter differs from previous games. As it uses its abilities, a heat gauge slowly builds up. If the heat gauge overloads, the Forge will not be able to use its more powerful abilities. The incendiary energy of the heat gauge can be released in an area-of-effect attack that sucks enemies into a wall of flame. Upon resetting the heat gauge, mana-based abilities return to functionality.[1]



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