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A fishing hole in Torchlight

A Fishing Hole is a special spot where fishing is possible. To fish, all you have to do is click on the fishing hole, and immediately your character will attempt to fish with a fishing rod. Nothing is required to fish, just a lot of patience. The correct way to catch a fish is not exactly what most people will look for, instead one must keep an eye on the circles. Once the circles meet, they will change color to pink or white; in which case it is time to click on the hook. If you click too early, or too late; you will not be able to catch anything.

While it may not affect fishing in any way, if you Shift-Click on a fishing hole it will cause your pet to run after it as if it were an item.  Since it can't get to it, it merely runs in place at the edge of the water until commanded to do something else.

Fishing holes can be found most about anywhere in Torchlight and Torchlight II, however certain locations offer a better chance to catch certain fish. There are other type of fish that are only available in specific locations. One must fish everywhere a hole is found, to make sure all fish are found.

There are three main types of fishing holes:

  • Fishing Hole (Unlimited casts, located in the main town of each act)
  • Promising Fishing Hole (Usually located in an overland area)
  • Secret Fishing Hole (Usually located in an overland area, contains special fish, items, tags, and collars)

Fish give your pet special abilities. Mostly turn your pet into a certain monster species for a limited amount of time. In which case your pet will continue to fight by your side, but using special abilities only available to the monster he/she is mimicking. The range of time your pet stays as a new monster depends on the strength of the item you feed it. Weaker items give lengths of 5, 10, or 15 minutes, while the strongest turn your pet into the monster indefinitely or until you feed your pet a new item.

Other fishing items[]

It is possible to fish things that cannot be fed to your pet, or cannot be used to transform your pet. Such is the case of the Shimmering Fish Scale (socketable 3 health regeneration), and the Gold Fish (wealthy non-food item). The Tasty Fish Meat (600 health recovery) and the Sushi Grade Fish Meat (1200 health recovery) may be fed to your pet in the same manner as potions (either by dragging to the 'bowl' icon or with the use of Shift + Hotkey), but provide no transformations. The Sushi Grade Fish Meat is also used in the creation of a Sushi Helm.

It is also possible to fish equipment from town fishing holes, such as boots, belts or rings, sometimes also rare ones.

Fish Caught[]

Icon Name Number Caught Percentage Caught
Big Jackal Bass.png Jackal Bass 12 14%
Big Jackal Bass.png Big Jackal Bass 6 7.0%
Largemouth Bass.png Largemouth Bass 8 1.2%
Warsnout.png Warsnout 23 27%
Warsnout.png Big Warsnout 1 1.2%
Tunnel Shark.png Tunnel Shark 18 21%
Web Fish.png Web Fish 14 16%
Web Fish.png Big Web Fish 5 5.3%
Bonefish.png Bonefish 2 2.3%
Frenzyfish2.png Frenzy Fish 3 3.5%
Goldfish.png Gold Fish 6 2.3%
Prismatic moray.png Prismatic Morey 3 3.5%
Total Fish 86 100%

Video about fishing in Torchlight[]

How to fish in Torchlight

Video by "Nandasithu"