Fish are consumable items for pets, acquired through trading and fishing. Fish may temporarily transform your pet into a monster, permanently transform your pet into another type of pet, or give it straight boosts to specific properties for a limited period of time. Fish may also contain items of any rarity (all the way up to Unique) and consumables for the player.


List of fishEdit

Known fish species and their associated effects:

Transforming fishEdit

Image Electric Eel Description
Web Fish (T1) Web Fish Transforms pet into a Spider for 120 seconds.
Bat fish Bat Fish Transforms pet into a Varkolyn for 120 seconds.
Muckfish Muckfish Transforms pet into a Pet Goblinhound for 120 seconds.
Tunnel shark Tunnel Shark Transforms pet into a Borrower for 120 seconds.
Glooper jelly Glooper Jelly Transforms pet into a Gel for 120 Seconds.
Ice Angel Ice Angel Transforms pet into an Ice Elemental for 120 seconds.
Firefish Firefish Transforms pet into a Fire Elemental for 120 seconds.
Venomfish Venomfish Transforms pet into a Poison Elemental for 120 seconds.
Electric Eel Electric Eel Transforms pet into an Electric Elemental for 120 seconds.
Birdfish Birdfish Transforms pet into a Tattered Lurker for 120 seconds.
Pocketfish (icon) Pocketfish Transforms pet into a Mimic for 120 seconds.
Bog Perch Bog Perch Transforms pet into a Thorned Strider for 120 seconds.
Improbably Large Fish Improbably Large Fish Transforms pet into a Troll for 60 seconds.

You can also purchase a 'Cat Fish' or a 'Dog Fish' from the General Goods vendor in town at any time, allowing you to change your cat to a dog (or vice versa) or reset a transformation.

Fish size Edit

3 sizes of transforming fish can be caught, and the size determines the duration of the effect. The margin of time from when the fish gets hooked to the time the player clicks to pull apparently correlates with the size of fish caught. Catching a fish right after it gets hooked appears to increase the chances of a Big or even Giant fish being hooked.

  • Normal fish containing no prefix in their name will transform your pet for 120 seconds.
  • Big fish containing the "Big" prefix in their name will transform your pet for 3600 seconds.
  • Giant fish can also be caught, but are proven to be very elusive. Giant fish have the ability to transform your pet permanently into what ever the giant fish is (example: Giant Ice Angel: Ice Elemental)
  • NOTE: Runic's use of the word permanent is not accurate for pet transformations. All it means in practice is that there is no time limit on the transformation of your pet. So if you started with a dog and feed it a Giant Muckfish thus transforming it into a Goblinhound, it will remain a Goblinhound until you feed it another fish of the normal or big variety. In which case you should be aware that when the timer runs out, your pet will transform back into its ORIGINAL state of a dog, not back into a Goblinhound as you would expect.

Buffing fishEdit

Image Name Description
Frenzy Fish 80% Faster movement for 120 seconds. 33% Faster Attack for 120 seconds.
Trufflesnout Fish 50% Increased Magic Find for 600 seconds. 200% Increased Gold Find for 600 seconds.
Prismatic Morey +25 Critical Chance for 120 seconds. Increases All Fire, Poison, Ice, and Electric Damage by 100% for 120 seconds.

Player consumablesEdit

Image Name Description
Ember Fish Eye 20% Increased Experience for 300 Seconds
Tasty Fish Meat 600 health and 12 mana over 2 seconds
Lucky Fish Tooth (Socketable) 3 Critical Chance
Shimmering Fish Scale (Socketable) 3 health regen
Sushi Grade Fish Meat 1200 health and 20 mana over 1 second
Embright Cod 50% increased fishing luck for 1200 seconds
Axe Ray +1 Defense Attribute Bonus
Bearded Fish +25% to Armor for 300 seconds


  • Gold Fish - A fish that has no consumable use, selling it is recommended.
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