The Ezrohir are a Humanoid creature race introduced in Torchlight II. The Ezrohir are an offshoot of the Zeraphi race, immortal beings who have transplanted their minds into Ember-powered mechanical armor. The Ezrohir attack travelers in the Mana Wastes and plot to strike back against their former brethren in the town of Zeryphesh.


Although the Zeraphi finally recognized the dangers of Ember and gave up their war over the Estherians' Ember, one faction refused to lay down arms. The Ezrohir pursued the retreating Estherians, seizing their mines. With the Estherians' Ember, the Ezrohir eventually perfected their own process for encasing souls in suits of armor.

But the process was flawed. The Ezrohir gained immortality - but the corrupted ore burns out over time, and the Ezrohir die unless they can procure more Ember. Their insatiable need for Ember led to a disastrous war with the Zeraphi, and the Ezrohir were driven out into the Mana Wastes, forced to hide in their ancient fortresses. For centuries they have waited, and plotted ... and their vengeance is finally at hand.

—"Creature Races of Torchlight II," Runic Games


Notable Weapons that are augmented after killing Ezrohir:


The designs of Ezrohir armor vary widely, from average-sized humanoids to larger, hulking Brutes.[1]

  • Ezrohir Infantry are the basic melee soldiers.
  • Ezrohir Marksmen are ranged fighters. According to the monster info, they toss "Shrapnel Crawlers."
  • Crawlers are small mechanical creatures.
  • Ezrohir Brutes are large, hulking Ezrohir that attempt to crush their foes.



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