Execute is a mechanic introduced in Torchlight II. When a character executes, they strike with both weapons at the same time. This action is therefore only available while a character is dual-wielding (has a weapon equipped in each hand). Executing is not activated by the player; rather, the character has a percentage chance of executing. This chance can be increased by increasing the Focus stat.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

In order for a character to execute, their percentage chance must be greater than zero and they must have two weapons of the same type equipped. That is, either two melee weapons, two ranged weapons, or two magical weapons. For example:

  • An axe and a sword
  • Two pistols
  • Two wands

Note that pistols are the only one-handed ranged weapon, and wands are the only one-handed magical weapon, so a character is more limited in these weapon types than with melee weapons, which can be mixed and matched.

Increasing Execution Chance[edit | edit source]

The Focus stat directly increases execute chance. Additionally, some weapons, gems and Sets can increase the chance to 100%.

Execution chance is displayed under Arcane Statistics. If two weapons of different types are equipped, the value will be zero.

Advantage[edit | edit source]


When dual-wielding weapons without Executing, attacks are made from alternate weapons:

  1. apply mainhand weapon damage
  2. wait mainhand speed time
  3. apply offhand weapon damage
  4. wait offhand speed time
  5. repeat

Therefore the overall damage per second (DPS) is the mean of both weapons' DPSes:

Σ damage ÷ Σ time = Σ DPS ÷ 2

For example, dual-wielding two 10 DPS weapons results in 10 DPS overall.


When Executing, attacks are made with both weapons simultaneously:

  1. apply mainhand weapon damage
  2. apply offhand weapon damage
  3. wait the speed time of the slower weapon
  4. repeat

Therefore the overall damage per second (DPS) is higher than the better weapon but lower than the sum of both weapons' DPSes:

Σ damage ÷ max( time )

For example, dual-wielding two 10 DPS weapons with the same speed results in 20 DPS when Executing, or DPS × (1 + chance to Execute) overall. With 50% chance to execute, that's DPS × 1.50

When wielding weapons with significantly disparate speeds, the faster weapon may be ready to fire again (on its own) a short delay after Executing. But if the chance to Execute is high enough to trigger another Execute action, the fast weapon must instead wait, doing nothing, until the slow weapon's time is up. Only after both weapons are ready to attack, the next Execute takes place. To minimise this wasted time, it's best to equip weapons with closely matched speeds.

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