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The Estherian Steppes is the geographical area that corresponds to Act I of Torchlight II. It is a mountainous region that features grassy cliffs, as well as ice-covered peaks, partially inspired by Tibet.[1]


The Estherian Enclave is one of the earliest areas in Act I and serves as its hub town.

The Temple Steppes

Frosted Hills

Overworld areas[]

These overworld areas, like all overworld areas in Torchlight II have become infected as the Alchemist passes through on his evil mission. The normally placid and friendly tribal creatures have become infected with a disease that has no immediate cure.

Path of the Honored Dead


  • Echo Pass - The starting point for the game, Echo Pass connects to the Estherian Enclave.
  • Path of the Honored Dead - The cemetery/memorial of the Estherian Enclave, this pass is covered in fog and has become infested with the undead. It connects the Estherian Enclave to the Temple Steppes. Contains the entrance to the Corrupted Crypt dungeon.
  • Crows' Pass - This pass connects the Estherian Enclave to the Frosted Hills. Contains the entrance to the Widow's Veil dungeon.


Torchlight II locations

Act I: Estherian Steppes
Town: Estherian Enclave

Temple SteppesFrosted Hills
Passes: Echo PassPath of the Honored DeadCrows' Pass
Dungeons: Corrupted CryptBone GalleryPlunder CoveWellspring TempleWidow's VeilIcedeep CavernsWhispering CaveEmberscratch MinesSlavers' StockadeWatchweald Temple
NG+: Lost Okwari CavesIce LabsNorsk Leiren
Phase Beast Challenges: Poison the spider nests.Ignite Braziers in OrderProtect the Crystals From the Goblin Hordes!

Act II: Mana Wastes
Town: Zeryphesh

Ossean WastesSalt Barrens
Passes: Empty Quarter
Dungeons: Tarroch's RiftTower of the MoonShadowy CrevasseStygian AerieForsaken VaultsUndercurrentsSwarm PointBrood HiveKorari CaveLuminous ArenaHaunted QuarterWitherwaysAncient Vaults of ChaosVault of SoulsNetherrealm Portal
NG+: Tarroch's Tomb
Phase Beast Challenges: Choose a DoorJackalbeast GauntletNetherrealm GauntletPirate GauntletSurvive in the Arena

Act III: Grunnheim
Town: Imperial Camp

BlightbogsSundered Battlefield
Passes: Rotted PathRivenskull Gorge
Dungeons: Fungal CavesAbandoned SawmillRotting CryptMiddenmineArena of SlaughterReeking CellarEmberworksVyrax's TowerForgotten HallsLair of the SistersNotch's MineThe Lost Hold
Phase Beast Challenges: Defeat the WitchesAvoid the LavaVarkolyn Gauntlet

Act IV
Town: Minehead

Dungeon: Broken Mines