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The Estherians are a race appearing in Torchlight II. An ancient race, they are said to be mystical masters of the elements, who have begun teaching their magical traditions to humans, including Syl.[1] They are the primary inhabitants of the Estherian Enclave and other areas of the Estherian Steppes. Physically, most Estherians resemble humans with brown skin and white hair.

Estherian Ruins appeared as a location under the town of Torchlight in Torchlight I, but the Estherians had apparently abandoned that location long before. A cult of dark Estherians were also said to be responsible for creating Spectral Dragons.


Estherian appear humanoid, with white hair and bright eyes. Their ears are pointy.


In the distant past, the Zeraphi went to war against the Estherians over Ember, which powered the Zeraphi's mystical suits of armor. When the Estherians withdrew from the conflict, the Zeraphi were split between the Ember-hungry Ezrohir who wanted to pursue war, and the rest of the Zeraphi who settled for peace.[2]


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T2: BerserkerEmbermageEngineerOutlander
T3: Dusk MageForgeRailmasterSharpshooter

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