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The following page lists all Engineer Skills currently available in Torchlight II.


Blitz is the Engineer's offensive skill tree, focusing on augmenting his melee attacks and overall combat effectiveness. Recommended weapon class: any melee except Claws

Active Skills[]


Flame Hammer : Crushes foes with a flaming slam attack. Charges add flaming splinters that radiate out from the impact at a cost of one Charge per attack. (Requires any melee weapon, not counting Claw-class)


Seismic Slam: Slams the ground with the Engineer's mechanically-augmented boot, stunning nearby enemies and splashing them with volatile fuel to deal fire damage.


Ember Hammer: A side-long melee swing that interrupts attacks and can shatter shields. Charges add a further 0/5/10/15% damage (depending on tier level), but charges are not expended by the attack.


Onslaught: The Engineer leaps forward, slamming their melee weapon into the ground. Foes at the point of impact are damaged and slowed significantly. (Requires a melee weapon in Right-Hand Slot)


Ember Reach: A surge of magnetic power from the Engineer's armor draws foes into striking range. Additionally, each Charge the Engineer has built up adds a 20% chance to stun affected enemies for 3 seconds, but does not consume Charges in the process.


Storm Burst: A blast from your pack rockets you swiftly forward, knocking back nearby enemies. 3 bolts of energy emerge from your impact to strike distant foes as well.


Emberquake: A huge overhand strike sends eight ember-charged fissures radiating out towards enemies. (Requires any melee weapon, not counting Claw-class)

Passive Skills[]


Heavy Lifting : Each level adds 2% attack speed and 2% chance to inflict a three-second stun while using any greataxe, greatsword, greathammer, poleaxe, or cannon-class weapon.


Supercharge: When the Engineer attacks foes with a melee weapon, they have a chance to direct excess energy into their weapon, and then discharge it into the enemies they strike over the next 10 seconds. While supercharged, the Engineer gains additional Charge. (Requires a melee weapon)


Coup-de-Grace: When the Engineer hits a stunned target, an electrical surge helps finish the foe off. This can be done a maximum of once per second. The bonus damage is electric, and is equal to 3 (+0.5 per level) times the Engineer's Strength.


Construction is the Engineer's Support skill tree, focusing on summoning support bots for self-buffing and assistance in combat. Recommended weapon class: Cannons

Active Skills[]


Healing Bot: The Engineer assembles a small clockwork drone that emits energy pulses, healing both himself and allies.


Blast Cannon: Fires a long-range burning projectile from the Engineer's cannon, damaging any foes in its path. At higher ranks, the flames can blind foes, reducing their vision range to 2 meters, and leave them more susceptible to further damage. (Requires a Cannon-class weapon)


Spider Mines : the Engineer deploys a trio of spider drones which charge the nearest foe and explode. A maximum of 10 spider drones can be active simultaneously.


Gun Bot: The Engineer assembles a drone that assaults enemies with gunfire for 60 seconds.


Shock Grenade: The Engineer lobs an electrically-charged grenade, which shocks and immobilizes nearby enemies. If the Engineer has at least one Charge, he instead lobs three grenades, at the cost of one Charge.


Fusilade: Fires a volley of 2 missiles which arc and home in on targets. Later tiers increase the number of missiles to 3, add explosive splash damage, and increase the volley to 4 missiles. (Requires a Cannon-class weapon)


Sledgebot: The Engineer assembles a large clockwork drone that does heavy melee damage. Summoning time increases with level, later tiers add special attacks.

Passive Skills[]


Bulwark : Each level adds 2% to overall armor, and reduces incoming physical damage by a further 1% (2% for the first rank).


Fire and Spark: Each level adds 5% to all fire and electric-based damage inflicted by the Engineer.


Charge Domination: When the Engineer slays an enemy, they have a chance to absorb enough energy to fill their Charge bar. This effect cannot trigger more than once every three seconds. Additional ranks provide an additional 0.5% chance (3% for the first rank).


Aegis is the Engineer's Defensive skill tree, focusing on protecting himself and channeling powers through his shield (if he has one) and his Embercraft armor. Recommended weapon class: Shields and two handed melee weapons.

Active Skills[]


Shield Bash: The Engineer slams enemies with their Shield, stunning them, slowing them, and driving them back. Charges add an additional 10% damage, and each bash attack adds 0.2 Charge. (Requires an equipped shield)


Forcefield: The Engineer's armor projects a bubble of nigh-impenetrable energy around themself, and a slightly weaker field around their allies for thirty seconds. Also, once the field has absorbed its maximum amount of damage, it dissipates immediately. The amount of damage absorbed by the field is determined by the Engineer's level in Forcefield; that amount is, in turn, multiplied by the number of Charges he's built up.


Overload: The Engineer deliberately short-circuits his armor to project a nova of intense Ember energy, electrocuting multiple foes in all directions. The damage is, in turn, multiplied by the number of Charges the Engineer has built up. (each Charge = +50% damage)


Dynamo Field: The Engineer taps into their armor's power core to project an electrical blast in a five-meter radius. This blast generates 0.2 Charge for every enemy caught in it, up to a maximum of five.


Tremor: The Engineer discharges energy from their suit into the earth to cause a massive shockwave to expand outwards, knocking back and weakening foes.


Fire Bash : The Engineer channels a potent blast of energy through their shield up to six meters away.


Immobilization Copter : The Engineer  deploys an immobilization drone which slows enemies within range of its beam.

Passive Skills[]


Sword and Board: The Engineer's skill with a shield goes beyond 'defense' and straight into 'offense,' adding some of his shield's armor value directly to his melee attacks as physical damage. (Requires a Shield and any melee weapon)


Aegis of Fate: When foes attack, the Engineer's armor has a chance to project an impenetrable bubble that deflects further damage. The damage deflected is equal to 200% of the Engineer's Armor Value, plus 100. While active, the Aegis of Fate also conveys a 50% Knockback Resistance.


Charge Reconstitution: Whenever the Engineer spends a Charge on an ability, they regain a portion of their health over the next two seconds.