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The Emberworks is a very short dungeon found on the Sundered Battlefield at the end of Act III. Consisting of only one floor, and populated by undead Rotted Dwarf soldiers and their ancient war machines, the Emberworks is a dark and rusted ruin of what was once part of the Dwarf kingdom. It has only one "normal" floor, leading directly to the boss fight with the War Titan. When the Titan is defeated, the gate he guards will open, allowing the player to recharge the Power Source.

How to Enter the Emberworks[]

Upon arriving in the Imperial Camp, you will be tasked by Professor Stoker to retrieve a power source for a Dwarven Automaton, which will be able to open the door to the Clockwork Core. Once the power source is retrieved, however, the Professor realizes it needs to be recharged before it will work. He says that it can be recharged at the Emberworks and gives you The Sundered Battlefield quest.

Upon reaching the Emberworks door, the player is confronted by a Robot Eye, who refuses to allow entry unless the player retrieves a certain Crown from the dragon Thiss in the Forgotten Halls. Once the crown is retrieved for the mysterious person operating the Robot Eye, the door opens, allowing the player entry to the Emberworks.