Emberscratch Mines is a dungeon in Act I, accessed from the Emberscratch Minehead region in Frosted Hills. It has a fixed layout. The boss, King Pogg, holds the Latchkey Ember needed in the quest The Ember Keys.

The dungeon is populated by goblins, small creatures mining the ember crystals. The champions Goblin Foremen carry Plungers that the player can collect. These Plungers are used to fix Broken Detonators in the cave to gain access to secret areas with loot. There are a total of 3-5 Goblin Foremen in the mine and an equal number of Broken Detonators.

The large pale green Ember Crystals may drop an Ember Chip or Ember Speck gem when they are destroyed, but they are not targetable.


Species Name El. Abilities
Goblin Goblin Worker Icon enemyIce Flees When Allies Perish
Goblin Archer Icon enemyIce Flees When Allies Perish
Goblin Warden Icon enemyIce Ice Arrow Attacks
Goblin Slasher Icon enemyIce Shield Blocks Damage
Goblin Spellbinder Icon enemyIce Resurrects Goblins, Casts Goblin Totems
Goblin Demolitionist Icon enemyPhysical Hurls Explosive Charges
Object Powder Kegs Icon enemyFire Ignites When Struck
Goblin Totem Icon enemyPhysical Boosts Goblin Attacks


  • Goblin Foreman (Goblin Demolitionist) Icon enemyIce Carries Detonator Components
  • Champion Beast* (Clovenhoof) Icon enemyIce Dash Attack, Stomp Attack (Explosive)

 * other champion may appear


King Pogg Icon enemyIce Mine Foreman, Ice Wave Attack, Smash Attack - Drops Latchkey Ember

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