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The following page lists all Embermage Skills currently available in Torchlight II


Active Skills[]


Magma Spear (Level 1): You fire a channeled barrage of magma, piecing foes and setting them aflame. Range is 16 meters.


Magma Mace (Level 7): You summon an enormous mace of fire that channels the energy of your weapons, stunning foes in a 5 meter arc and setting them ablaze. Magma Mace does not build Charge.


Firebombs (Level 14): You hurl three gouts of flame that ignite the ground for 3 seconds and sometimes cause foes to stumble in panic as they burn. Firebombs gain no Charge.


Blazing Pillar (Level 21): You create a 4 giant pillars of intense flame that seek out and immolate nearby foes. Blazing Pillars is good at building Charge.


Infernal Collapse (Level 28): You create a concentrated sphere of heat, which suddenly expands outward in a devastating 4 meter blast.


Immolation Aura (Level 35): A vortex of flame surrounds you, damaging foes within a 3 meter radius.


Firestorm (Level 42): You call down burning cinders from the sky over a 15 meter radius, setting foes alight and increasing their susceptability to fire damage. Firestorm gains no Charge.

Passive Skills[]


Charge Mastery (Level 1): Your expertise with Charge lets you gain it faster, and retain it longer.


Elemental Attunement (Level 7): The Embermage is finely attuned to the elements, inflicting elemental effects on nearby enemies and extending the duration of all elemental effects.(+1second and +1%chance to burn. freeze. poison. or shock the enemy)


Fire Brand (Level 14): When you hit a burning enemy, you do an additional burst of fire damage.


Active Skills[]


Icy Blast (Level 1): You unleash a hail of 5 ricocheting icy bolts to slow and immobilize your foes.


Hailstorm (Level 7): You call down shards of ice from the sky, pummeling foes within a 15 meter radius. Hailstorm gains no Charge.


Frost Phase (Level 14): You vanish from one location and instantly reappear in another, dealing cold damage in both places within a 2.5 meter radius.


Elemental Boon (Level 21): You imbue yourself with a bolstering aura which increases your elemental damages and resistances. Boon's benefits are also applied to any allies within 12 meters.


Frost Wave (Level 28): You hurl forth a wave of ice shards, impaling and freezing foes in its path.


Ice Prison (Level 35): You summon pillars of ice around a target, trapping it within. You, however, can pass through the barrier. Pillars reflect damage back at foes attacking them.


Astral Ally (Level 42): You summon an astral clone of a fellow Embermage, who joins you in battle with powerful spells.

Passive Skills[]


Staff Mastery (Level 1): Your skill with staves lowers the elemental resistances of enemies when you strike them. The effects are also applied to any skill using staff damage and are cumulative with each hit.


Frozen Fate (Level 7): When you kill an enemy, you have chance to freeze up to 4 additional enemies within a 7 meter radius.


Ice Brand (Level 14): When you hit a frozen enemy, you do an additional burst of ice damage.


Active Skills[]


Prismatic Bolt (Level 1): You unleash a flurry of 5 prismatic bolts that seek out nearby foes.


Shocking Burst (Level 7): You unleash channeled cone of crackling energy, shocking and possibly stunning enemies. The energy burst continues and drains mana while the mouse button is held down.


Thunder Locus (Level 14): You summon a concentrated thunderstorm at a target location, which blasts foes within 7 meters for the duration of its existence.


Arc Beam (Level 21): You pierce your foes with a channeled beam of energy from your weapons. Destroyed enemies split the beam and strike nearby targets as a secondary effect.


Death's Bounty (Level 28): You bind the lifeforce of all foes within 6 meters of the target. Upon their death, their life and mana are drawn to you or other players through 3 souls bolts. Stated health and mana recovery is per soul bolt.


Shockbolts (Level 35): You release 4 electrically charged bolts, which follow the ground and ricochet off neighboring objects.


Shocking Orb (Level 42): You release a slow-moving electrical orb, which discharges energy into foes as it passes.

Passive Skills[]


Prismatic Rift (Level 1): Your chaotic energy teleports enemies away when they strike you, with a chance of random elemental effects.


Wand Chaos (Level 7): Attacks using your wand can result in bizarre, random elemental disturbances. These effects can also happen with the Magma Spear, Magma Mace, Icy Blast and Shockbolts skills. Requires a wand equipped.

Lightningbrand.pngLightning Brand (Level 14): When you hit a shocked enemy, you do an additional burst of lightning damage.

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