This article provides general information about the mineral Ember. For a list of socketable gems in the first game, see Gems (T1). For a list of socketable gems in the second game, see Gems (T2).

Ember is a mineral in the world of Torchlight which has the ability to infuse objects and creatures with magical power and raw energy. Ember is the source of power for everything from the magical spells of the Alchemists to Dwarven machinery and the magic armor of the Ezrohir. Note, the Embermage is not actually empowered by Ember, but instead is able to replicate its effects through study and meditation.

In Torchlight[edit | edit source]

The town of Torchlight was built over an Ember mine, which was said to be one of the richest veins of Ember known at the time. However, this Ember had been corrupted by the evil power of Ordrak, an ancient dragon that had long ago been buried under the town. As a result, this Ember corrupted an alchemist named Master Alric, who became Ordrak's servant. It is implied that most of the monsters in the dungeon under Torchlight were the result of corrupted Ember. The Alchemist, Destroyer and Vanquisher were able to defeat Ordrak and cleanse the Ember under Torchlight.

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