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The Elemental Guardians appear in Torchlight II.

They are mystical creatures that protect the balance between the six elements of the world[1][2]. After the Alchemist destroys the town of Torchlight, he begins seeking out the Guardians, to drain their powers using Ordrak's Heart. Only four guardians are seen in game, and one guardian has no picture attributed to it.

Additionally, the Mana Guardian states, "Ordak was once a Guardian, of sorts, and his heart is more powerful than they imagine." It is unclear what she means by that, although Ordak is definitively not one of the six elemental guardians.

Guardian of Water[]

Water Guardian

The Guardian of Water appears in the Wellspring Temple in Act I. She is the first Guardian that the Alchemist drains power from using Ordrak's Heart. The Sturmbeorn led by General Grell then take the opportunity to invade the temple and hold the Guardian hostage until the player frees her.

Guardian of the Wild[]

Guardian of the Wild

The Guardian of the Wild appears in Watchweald Temple in Act I. He is the second Guardian attacked by the Alchemist. The magical sickness caused by Ordrak's Heart made the Guardian vulnerable to the control of the Nether-Beast, a Netherim King that also gained control of the Grand Regent. During the fight, the Grand Regent briefly summons the Guardian of the Wild to fight for him.

After the player defeats the Regent, the Guardian is cured of corruption.

Guardian of Air[]

Guardian of Air

Located in the center of the city of Zeryphesh, the Guardian of Air keeps watch over the Zeraphi, in an attempt to protect them from the Ezrohir's attack.

The Guardian of Air is a questgiver who directs the hero to follow the trail of the Alchemist and help the Guardian of Mana.

Guardian of Mana[]

Guardian of Mana

The Guardian of Mana is being held hostage in the Forsaken Vaults by the Ezrohir. The trail eventually leads to Rift Keep, where the Ezrohir have turned the Guardian into the Siege Guardian.

Siege Guardian[]

This is the final boss of Act II, encountered during the quest "Breaking the Siege". It is actually the Guardian of Mana, captured by the Ezrohir and made to fight you.

Guardian of Fire[]

The Guardian of Fire is not seen directly in Torchlight II. However, statues of it (as identified by its name in the game files) appear throughout Estheria and the Mana wastes. It often appears alongside the Water, Wild, and Air Guardians.

A statue of the Fire Guardian

Guardian of Stone[]

The Guardian of Stone is only mentioned in the flavor text of a unique amulet, found by gambling in Act 2.

The Smaragdus:

"The First Emerald, created by the Guardian of Stone."


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