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Echo Pass is the starting location of Torchlight II, which also serves as a kind of game tutorial. There is a Blackfist camp to the right of the starting area - however more often there are just Ratlins instead of Blackfist Bandits. The player usually reaches level 3 after clearing the pass. Echo Pass leads to the Estherian Enclave. It doesn't contain any dungeon.


  • Destroyer
  • Horse
  • Vanquisher Medic - Are you injured? This won't hurt a bit.
  • Vanquisher Guards - You a new recruit? You just get here? State your business. What's your business here? Glad you made it.
One of the guards provides an enchanted item reward for helping to clear the immediate area.


Species Name El. Abilities
Ratlin Ratlin Physical Flees When Allies Perish
Ratlin Archer Physical Fires Flaming Arrows
Human Blackfist Assassin* Physical Shadow Dash
Blackfist Brigand* Physical Shield Blocks Damage
Blackfist Marksman* Physical  
Animal Warbeast Physical  
Armored Warbeast Physical  
Sturmbeorn Deathflinger Physical Hurls Spears
Warmaker* Physical Shield Bash Attack, Shield Can Be Shattered
Skeleton Infernal One* Fire Burning Undead, Very Fast, Fire Damage

 * does not always appear


  • Champion Sturmbeorn Physical (Drops Golden Key)
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Town: Estherian Enclave

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