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Dwarven Automata are mechanical monsters that appear in Torchlight II. Built by the dwarves in the distant past, these Ember-powered constructs served as servants and soldiers for the dwarven empire. Although their masters are long gone, many automata continue to guard the ruins of dwarven structures.


An old saying muses pets begin to resemble their masters, in the case of the Dwarves it was they who resembled their creations.

Hearts of iron, fists of steel, souls fueled and corrupted by Ember, glorious Ember! Giver of life, taker of even more, faultless in its purity, a priceless commodity of war! Such was the value of these undying servants to their Dwarven demi-gods, but the gods themselves could not last forever... or so it was believed.

Rising in waves of metal and flame, ancient automatons have returned to service as their decayed creators are reanimated, puppets of Ember energies beyond our comprehension. As this fusion of rust and flesh is reborn, the line between Dwarf and Machine is forever erased.

—"Runic Games Forums," DarkTails, The Clawlander Commander


Name Image Element Abilities
Automated Turret Ss automatedTurrets1.jpg Physical
Dwarven Mechanoid Ss dwarvenMechanoid3.png Physical
  • Armored
  • Blocks Until Armor Is Destroyed
Shock Turret Ss shockTurret1.jpg Lightning
  • Lightning Attacks



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