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Crows' Pass is a location in Torchlight II, Act I that connects the Estherian Enclave to the Frosted Hills. The pass contains Widow's Veil, and becomes accessible after the player completes the quest to kill General Grell, returns to town and speaks with Commander Vale.



  • Widow's Veil - A cave consisting of mostly spiders, with a smaller number of gels and bats.
  • Ice Labs - Only found in New Game Plus, and only occasionally generated.


Species Name El. Abilities
Spider Spiderling Poison  
Cave Dasher Poison Fast Leap Attack
Frostfang Ice Ice Shard Attacks
Blackfang Arachnos Poison Sprays Venom
Animal Snowfang Ice Bite Inflicts Bleeding Wounds
Galvanic Flyer* Lightning Electrical, Shocks When Struck
Goblin Goblin Worker* Ice Flees when Allies Perish

 * does not always appear


  • (Spider) Ice Spits Immobilizing Webs, Acid Spray

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