A main character (or PC player character) in Torchlight or Torchlight II is who you choose to be at the beginning of the game. In Torchlight characters have set abilities and gender. For example, you can not have a male Vanquisher because Vanquishers are specifically female characters. Equally you can not have a female Destroyer nor Alchemist because those are only males. That's a handicap which was eliminated in Torchlight II characters; which gives a choice of male/female for all character options.

Characters are fully controlled by the player and are different from NPC characters (non-player character).

Torchlight ClassesEdit

Torchlight Character AttributesEdit

  • Strength - affects melee damage
  • Dexterity- affects ranged damage
  • Magic - affects magical elemental damage
  • Defense - affects damage resistance

Torchlight II ClassesEdit

Torchlight II Character AttributesEdit

Main article: Stats (T2)
  • Strength - Strength increases all weapon damage as well as the amount of bonus damage done when performing critical strikes
  • Dexterity - Dexterity increases the chance to perform critical strikes and dodge enemy attacks. Dexterity also increases fumble recovery
  • Focus - Focus increases mana (MP) and elemental damage. Focus also increases the chance to execute (strike with both hands simultaneously)
  • Vitality - Vitality increases health (HP), total armor and the chance to block with shields
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