An example of a Champion Beast portrait.

Champions are stronger versions of normal monsters. They have more health, do more damage, and may have special abilities that the vanilla versions do not. Champions can be identified by a ring of red light that surrounds them and the term "Champion Beast" underneath their health bar. Like bosses, Champions reward players with both Fame and Experience upon being slain. They also tend to drop more and better loot on average.

Most champions spawn accompanied by a pack of lesser monsters. The monsters in this pack have more health than normal monster and inherit the same special property.

Augmentation[edit | edit source]

Notable Weapons that are augmented after killing any Champions:

List of Champion Special Properties[edit | edit source]

Special properties are listed in violet in the monster's description. Some champions are randomly generated with a special property, which is shared with the lesser monsters in the champion's pack.

Property Effect
Dividing The champion monster will split into two smaller, weaker versions of itself upon death. These versions have the same abilities as the original, aside from this ability.
Explosive On death, the monster triggers an explosion after a brief delay.
Freezing Inflicts a freeze effect on hit that reduces movement and attack speed.
Haunted On death, the monster releases several homing energy bolts.
Noxious On death, releases a cloud of poison.
Swift The monster has +30% to movement speed, and +20% attack and casting speed.
Teleporting The champion monster has the ability to teleport. They seem to follow a simple AI that teleports to you if you are ignoring them and in range, and teleports away if you are attacking them.
Health Regeneration *News* It regenerates health Champions

List of Few Champions[edit | edit source]

Image Monster Type Element Abilities
Ss championBatflinger3.png Rock Troll Physical
  • Boulder Smash
  • Axe Pull
  • Leap Attack
  • Cannot be Interrupted
Ss championIzilduruk1.png

Shamble Wraith

  • Root Attack
  • Grows Wood Wraiths
Ss championAmnarve1.jpg Varkolyn Warlock Icon enemyPoison.jpg
  • Shadow Bolts
  • Shadow Burst
  • Resurrects Varkolyn
  • Teleports
  • Slow Beam
Ss championFacebiter1.jpg Varkolyn Brute Lightning
  • Electric Claw Attack
  • Leaps Back
  • Charged Bolt Smash
Ss championKhorog1.jpg Wraith Physical
  • Mana Drain Field
  • Seeking Bolts
Ss champion kungulTheAncient1.png Witch Physical
  • Summon Fetishes
  • Rat Swarm Attack
  • Teleport

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