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This category contains Weapons found in the original Torchlight.

These weapons can be enchanted or already with several enchants. Unique weapons are the most powerful and useful that can be found in the game.

Types of weapons[]

There are 10 types of weapons, each belonging to three weapon classes: Melee, Ranged, and Magic.


Melee weapon types include:

  • Swords – a 1 handed weapon that is usually faster than all the other types.
  • Maces – a 1 handed weapon that is usually the slowest out of the other 1 handed types.
  • Axes – a 1 handed weapon that is mid speed compared to the other 1 handed weapons
  • Polearms – a 2 handed weapon that is usually stronger than all the other types and as such is slower.


Ranged weapons include:

  • Rifles – usually slower than bows but faster than crossbows
  • Pistols – usually the fasted ranged weapon (Can be Dual wielded with either another pistol or a 1h melee weapon)
  • Bows – faster than rifles but slower than pistols
  • Crossbows – Slowest ranged weapon, but as such is stronger


Magic weapons include:

  • Wands – 1 handed ranged and melee able weapon that either shoots a bolt of energy, or whacks opponents
  • Staves – 2 handed which is a slow but powerful weapon
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