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Brood Hive is a dungeon found in Swarm Point. You must complete the quest to destroy all three Skaran Hives in Swarm Point to gain access.

Quest Objective[]

"Smash the Eggs in the Skaran Hive and destroy the corrupting influence, whatever it may be."

Robot Quest[]

The Robot Pipes are found here in a secret area. Destroy the large unmarked clutch of eggs, and a Sand Hulk will come out of the wall, opening a gap that leads to an unmapped area which contains more eggs for you to smash open for treasure, as well as the Pipes for the Robot Parts quest.


  • Skara
  • Blighted Skara
  • Sandrat
  • Ratlin Bowman
  • Salamander
  • Dune Mother
  • Dune Burrower
  • Roach Myrmidon
  • Roach Mage

Boss Fight[]

Destroy the egg clutches marked as quest objectives to summon the Encrusted Construct (Encrusted Hulk).

Infinitely Respawning Instances[]

After completing the instance and defeating the Encrusted Hulk, a red portal to the surface opens up. After taking the portal to the surface Salt Barrens, if you go back to the entrance to Swarm Point, you'll find that the zone has reset, and all monsters and chests have respawned (although you do not need to blow up the hives again to regain access to the Brood Hive, which has also respawned). As such, you can run through this instance repeatedly if you desire, without having to re-roll the world.

This glitch also resets the Vault of Souls and possibly other instances in the Salt Barrens, as well.