Brink is a former mercenary and treasure hunter who became Syl's traveling companion. They arrived in the town of Torchlight searching for Syl's missing teacher Master Alric. During the "Aid Brink" quest, a corrupted Alric transforms Brink into the monster Brink the Corrupted, and the player is forced to kill him.

Due to a bug first reported in 2008 that remains unresolved after the closure of Runic in November 2017, Brink will sometimes run into the Orden Mines before delivering a trigger dialog to Syl. When the player character encounters him in the mines later, he then delivers the trigger dialog to the player character instead of the intended dialog, and will not follow the player character as expected. When the player character stumbles upon the quest boss in a lower level of the mines however, Brink will suddenly appear and continue the quest normally.

If the player already has a character that has completed the main story and a different character begins "Aid Brink" without encountering the dialog bug, the player may keep Brink as a pet as long as "Aid Brink" remains incomplete, and only go through the Shadow Vault dungeon (XBLA ver.).

Due to the layout of the main storyline, it is also possible to "save" Brink using the Dev Console. Skipping the Dank Chamber will also skip the first dungeon cutscene, along with Brink's boss battle and death, allowing the player to keep him through the entire game without compromising the story campaign, even when using a new character. As this is a cheat and not part of the normal campaign, however, Syl will still allude to Brink's death in her dialogue as normal.

In both cases, Brink behaves like a pet and will run around randomly for a period of time if his hit points ever reach 0. Once his hit points have regenerated a certain amount he will again behave as an aggressive pet. He does not gain levels and thus becomes more or less ineffectual against later-game enemies, but he seems to have a much larger health pool than his low attack suggests, serving as a somewhat useful distraction even at level 25 and below on Hard mode.


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