Bellethe is a female Estherian and the wife of Finnas.

They are homesteaders with a small farm in the Frosted Hills. When winter came and the weather got harsh, they made one last run for supplies to the Estherian Enclave, taking their favorite pet spiders, Snowbell and Sunbeam, with them. While crossing the Crows' Pass the spiders wandered into the Widow's Veil, a cave full of numerous other spiders. Finnas followed them, while Bellethe remained at the entrance, looking for help.

She offers players the side quest Little Lost Ones, with the objective to find and rescue Finnas and the spiders.


Finnas 01

Man... I'm cold...

You will find Finnas sitting on the ground at the end of the Widow's Veil.

Speaking to him will complete the side quest Little Lost Ones.

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