Artifice of Evil is the third main quest of Act II in Torchlight II. Assigned by the Sphinx, the quest's goal is to fight your way through the Forsaken Vaults and destroy the Artificer in his lair on the third sublevel.

Previous quest: Lair of the Manticore
Next quest: Meet the Djinni

Offer Text Edit

The Ezrohir have Mana enslaved.
But there's still hope; she might yet be saved.
The enemy lie in this foul creche.
Save the Guardian ... save Zeryphesh.

Rewards Edit

Gold: 1665     XP: 7600     Fame: 0     Item: Yes

Followup Text Edit

The Ezrohir prepare today for war.
Their legions number in the score.
Their Alchemy and Artifice suffice.
To capture Mana ... not once but twice.
Imprisoned in the Vaults Forsaken:
Subdued, enslaved, her magic taken.
Forced to lead their troops in battle.
From Guardian ... to so much chattel.

Quest Display Edit

Completed Text Edit

We must act quickly. It appears that the Artificer you defeated in the Vaults has enslaved the Guardian of Mana for the enemy. The most pressing danger is that they will use the enslaved Guardian to corrupt ... and control ... all the world's magic. Our only recourse in that event may be to destroy the Guardian. There might still be hope. If we can find a way to free the Guardian from Ezrohir control, we can save Zeryphesh, and thwart the Alchemist's plans.

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