The Arena of Slaughter is a small dungeon in Act III of Torchlight II.

It is a fighting arena overseen by a boss monster named Grom the Murderer. He must be defeated to finish the side quest Grom's Arena.

Completing the Arena of Slaughter resets the dungeon, so you may re-run the Arena of Slaughter as many times as you like.


Species Name El. Abilities
Skeleton Voltaic Archer Icon enemyElectric Electrical Arrows Emit Charged Bolts
Crumbling Footsoldier Icon enemyPhysical Shield Blocks Damage
Crumbling Archer Icon enemyPhysical Undead
Armored Bloatwalker Icon enemyFire Smash Attacks, Stomp Knockback
Corpsefire Skeleton Icon enemyPhysical Hurls Seeking Phantasmal Skulls
Decrepit Chanter Icon enemyFire Phantasmal Beams, Skull Missiles
Zombie Sanguine Zombie Icon enemyPoison Undead, Speed Increases when Flesh is Shed
Flayed One Icon enemyPhysical Very Fast


Name El. Abilities
Grom the Murderer Icon enemyFire Powerful Magical Attacks

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