An Enchanter in Chains is an Act I side quest. The quest is started and completed by talking to Malo, the Apprentice Enchanter, in Slavers' Stockade after opening his cell.

Completion Text Edit

Oh, thank you so much! Here I was, afraid I'd never enchant anything ever again!

I was on my way to the Estherian Enclave when these brigands ambushed me. Once I gather my wits, I'll head over there. Come by and see me, if you get a chance!

Rewards Edit

NG Level Gold XP Fame Reward Choices
Normal None 500 750 None
NG +1 3300 4950
NG +2  ?  ?
NG +3  ?  ?
  • Additionally, Marlo can now be found in the Estherian Enclave and his enchanting services will be available.
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