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Master Alric is one of the primary antagonists of Torchlight. The former teacher of the sage Syl, Alric had been a wise Alchemist, until he attempted to prolong his life with an Ember transfusion and was corrupted by its power.

He came to the town of Torchlight because it was the source of the Ember that corrupted him.[1] After Syl and Brink come to town searching for Alric, and the player character agrees to help, Alric ambushes them in Orden Mines and mutates Brink into Brink the Corrupted. The player character is also infected by some of the corrupted energy, which later must be removed.

Alric reveals that he is doing the bidding of an ancient evil named Ordrak. After battling the player character on floor 34 of the main dungeon, Alric flees to the Lair, where he sacrifices himself to resurrect Ordrak himself.

Alric's Journal[]

Alric is also the author of the journal pieces that appear when first entering new areas of the main dungeon. The journal gives insight to the madness of Alric and some story of Torchlight as well as the network of the caves below the town.


Master Alric has the ability to summon dragonkin and fire-breathing spectral dragon armor, and can cast the Alchemist spells Ember Shield, Ember Bolts and Ember Lighting.



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