The following is a list of achievements in Torchlight II.

Torchlight II Achievements[edit | edit source]

Torchlight II has 119 Steam achievements and 4 unachievable achievements.

Artificer.jpg Revolt Against Artifice - Defeat the Artificer

Flyswatter.jpg Flyswatter - Defeat Bloatfang

Ezrek.jpg Ezrek Gone - Defeat Ezrek Khan

Fallenguardian.jpg The Felled Guardian - Defeat the Fallen Guardian

Regicide.jpg Grand Regicide - Defeat Grand Regent Eldrayn

Grell.jpg When Grell Fell - Defeat General Grell

Grizzled.jpg The Fall of the Wild - Defeat the Grizzled Alpha

Kidrik.jpg Emancipator - Defeat Kidrik the Mauler

Manticoreachievement.jpg Manticore - Defeat the Manticore

Manticoremate.jpg Who's Your Friend - Defeat the Manticore's Mate

Mordrox.jpg From The Pit - Defeat Mordrox

Oneeyedwilly.jpg DEAD THINGS! - Defeat One-Eyed Willy

Pogg.jpg Pogg Slammed - Defeat King Pogg

Siegeguardian.jpg Siege Breaker - Defeat the Siege Guardian

Winterwidow.jpg Arachnothanatology - Defeat the Winter Widow

Chillhoof.jpg The Big Chillhoof - Defeat Chillhoof

Lizardbreaker.jpg The Lizard Breaker - Defeat Aruk

Unmasked.jpg Unmasked - Defeat the King in Masks

Pinnedtothemist.jpg Pinned to the Mist - Defeat the Wraith Lord

Killbot.jpg Killbot... Killed - Defeat Killbot

Dingdong.jpg Ding Dong - Defeat Cacklespit

Mushroompicking.jpg Mushroom Picking - Defeat Boletus Rex

Fairverona.jpg Fair Verona - Defeat Verona

Marishkabob.jpg Marishkabob - Defeat Marishka

Dealeeraious.jpg De-Aleera-ious - Defeat Aleera

Ghostbuster.jpg Ghost Buster - Defeat Thiss

Dragonslayer.jpg Dragon Slayer - Defeat Vyrax

Missionaccomplished.jpg Mission Accomplished - Defeat the Dark Alchemist

Netherking.jpg The King is Dead - Defeat the Nether King

Netherkingcasual.jpg Casualty - Defeat the Nether King in Casual difficulty

Netherkingnormal.jpg Normalized - Defeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty

Netherkingveteran.jpg Veternated - Defeat the Nether King in Veteran difficulty

Netherkingelite.jpg Elitist - Defeat the Nether King in Elite difficulty

Netherkingcasualhc.jpg Casually Hardcore - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (casual)

Netherkingnormalhc.jpg Normally Hardcore - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (normal)

Netherkingveteranhc.jpg Hardcore Veteran - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (veteran)

Netherkingelitehc.jpg Unstoppable - Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (elite)

Netherkingberserker.jpg True Berserker - Defeat the Nether King as a Berserker

Netherkingembermage.jpg True Embermage - Defeat the Nether King as an Embermage

Netherkingengineer.jpg True Engineer - Defeat the Nether King as an Engineer

Netherkingoutlander.jpg True Outlander - Defeat the Nether King as an Outlander

Netherkingclass.jpg Classist - Defeat the Nether King with each of the 4 classes

Thebandplayedon.jpg The Band Played On - Assemble TrillBot

100break.jpg Breaker - Break 100 breakables

1000break.jpg Destructor - Break 1,000 breakables

10000break.jpg Bull in a China Shop - Break 10,000 breakables

1000crit.jpg Thinking Critically - Deal 1,000 critical strikes

10000crit.jpg Massive Crits - Deal 10,000 critical strikes

100000crit.jpg Hypercritical - Deal 100,000 critical strikes

Enchant10.jpg Enchanted - Use an enchanter 10 times

Enchant50.jpg Self Improved - Use an enchanter 50 times

Enchant500.jpg Performance Enhancer - Use an enchanter 500 times

Explode100.jpg Gibster - Explode 100 enemies

Explode1000.jpg Gib Aficionado - Explode 1,000 enemies

Explode10000.jpg Gib Tycoon - Explode 10,000 enemies

Havingablast.jpg Having a Blast - Fish using dynamite

Fish10.jpg Apprentice Baiter - Fish 10 times

Fish100.jpg Journeyman Fish'er' - Fish 100 times

Fish1000.jpg Master Angler - Fish 1,000 times

Friend.jpg Friendly - Add a friend

Friend10.jpg Socializer - Add 10 friends

Friend50.jpg Butterfly - Add 50 friends

Gamble20.jpg Gambling Enthusiast - Purchase 20 items from the gambler

Gamble50.jpg Gambling Professional - Purchase 50 items from the gambler

Gamble100.jpg Gambling Fiend - Purchase 100 items from the gambler

Starthardcore.jpg Hardcore - Start a hardcore character

Endhardcore.jpg Goodbye Cruel World - Die with a hardcore character

Overpower.jpg Overpower - Do 10,000 damage with a single attack

Gold100k.jpg For A Rainy Day - Have 100,000 gold

Gold1m.jpg Nest Egg - Have 1,000,000 gold

Gold10m.jpg The One Percent - Have 10,000,000 gold

Champ25.jpg Champ Battler - Defeat 25 champions

Champ100.jpg Champ Master - Defeat 100 champions

Champ500.jpg Champ Overlord - Defeat 500 champions

Joinmultiplayer.jpg In Your World - Join a multiplayer game

Startmultiplayer.jpg Get This Party Started - Start a multiplayer game

Newgameplus.jpg From The Top - Begin new game plus

Chest20.jpg Treasure Hunter - Open 20 chests

Chest100.jpg Plunderer - Open 100 chests

Chest500.jpg Chest Nut - Open 500 chests

Steps10k.jpg Stepping Out - Take 10,000 steps

Steps50k.jpg Wanderer - Take 50,000 steps

Steps100k.jpg Globe-trotter - Take 100,000 steps

Gem1.jpg Gem Recovery - Recover a gem from an item

Gem10.jpg Gem Preservation - Recover 10 gems from items

Gem100.jpg Gem Hoarding - Recover 100 gems from items

Destroy1.jpg Stone Smasher - Destroy a socketed gem

Destroy10.jpg Rock Crusher - Destroy 10 socketed gem

Destroy100.jpg Ice Breaker - Destroy 100 socketed gems

Socket1.jpg Socketeer - Socket a gem into an item

Socket50.jpg Twinkle Twinkle Bobba - Socket 50 gems into items

Socket500.jpg The Blingbearer - Socket 500 gems into items

Secret1.jpg I Know a Secret - Find a secret room

Secret10.jpg In Service of Secrets - Find 10 secret rooms

Secret100.jpg No More Secrets - Find 100 secret rooms

Sell500.jpg Peddler - Sell 500 items

Sell5000.jpg Vendor - Sell 5,000 items

Sell50000.jpg Trash Magnate - Sell 50,000 items

Pettown.jpg Fetch A Fair Price - Send your pet to town

Tier1.jpg Skill Enthusiast - Obtain a tier 1 skill bonus

Tier2.jpg Skill Devotee - Obtain a tier 2 skill bonus

Tier3.jpg Skill Master - Obtain a tier 3 skill bonus

Map1.jpg X Marks The Spot - Use a map

Map10.jpg Map Enthusiast - Use 10 maps

Map100.jpg Cartophile - Use 100 maps

Spell.jpg Spellcaster - Learn a spell

Spell4.jpg Continuing Education - Learn 4 spells

Petspell.jpg A New Trick - Teach a pet a spell

Petspell4.jpg Pet Savant - Teach a pet 4 spells

Trade.jpg Trader - Trade an item with another player

Potion50.jpg Quaffer - Use 50 potions

Potion500.jpg Tippler - Use 500 potions

Potion5000.jpg Guzzler - Use 5,000 potions

Welldressed.jpg Well Dressed - Wear a completed armor set

Squish100.jpg Gooey Soles - Squish 100 critters

Squish500.jpg Squish Gallop - Squish 500 critters

Squish1000.jpg Critter Crusher - Squish 1,000 critters

Legendary.jpg Spectacular - Find a legendary item

Centurymark.jpg Century Mark - Reach level 100

Unachievable achievements:[edit | edit source]

Playingwithdolls.jpg Playing With Dolls - Defeat the Ancient Rag Doll

Mod1.jpg Mod Squad - Install a mod

Mod5.jpg Mod Maniac - Play a game using 5 mods

Mod10.jpg Modpocalypse - Play a game using 10 mods

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